Kauai Day 11 – Surfing

Today was Logan’s one thing – surf lessons. We took it slow getting going to arrive at the shop at just before 10am. A quick video, 2 minute practice on the stance to get up, and down to the beach. We bobbed around a lot before we got going, but all had at least one good run with the girls getting in many over the hour in the water. It was obvious the instructors spin through hundreds of students each week. A surf instruction factory, but generally it was fun. Kevin got his feet torn up on the rocks and felt pretty trashed by the end (he is showing his age).

Poke and acai bowls for lunch. A quick trip to Costco to get the hammocks that were on sale.

Having heard about the rum cake at the local plantation estate we headed over to take a look (we travel by our stomachs). To everyone’s surprise, both Kevin and Jenney (that’s right Kevin too), partook in the rum tasting. It was entertaining and there were amazing differences in the different rums.

At that point, having waited for 20 minutes the girls deserved shaved ice. We headed to Kappa to Hee Fat. Unfortunately they were closed on Monday as were many of the local shave ice places. We hadn’t earned shave ice any way, so off to a 4×4 road to see if we could find the Jurassic Park gates. We stopped at the road closed sign, and hiked up the road in the rain. After seeing several cars pass us anyway, Teryn and Kevin returned to get the jeep. Logan and Jenney kept walking until they hit a river they didn’t wish to cross. Through the river, literally with the jeep, and up the road, we were able to get a little farther, but stopped when we hit a puddle that was up over Kevin’s knees. From that vantage point we could look up into the mountains to see several waterfalls streaming down the bowl. We felt accomplished enough and turned around.

Nearing 6pm, the bewitching hour for Shave Ice, we returned to Uncle’s to try the snow again, this time coconut and then headed home.

Back a bit early we went to try the hammock out, but as soon as we sat in it the sprinkler started. A bit of a wet surprise. Generally we fell into a quiet evening. Overall a laid back day.