Kauai Day 13 – North Surfing and Beach Day

Up and by 5am, we head to Poipu beach to see the turtles on the beach before the sun comes up and they head back into the water. We can see where several turtles have camped out the night before, but were up bright and early. Two slumbering and a little less eager to wake turtles are still on the beach. They remind us of teenagers, not so excited to start the day, but drag themselves out of bed anyway. It’s a lot of work, 4 pushes forward and then a 3 minute rest. It’s slow going, but once they are in the water they gracefully drift away.

Now north to get to the road closure in Princeville before 7:15am. It’s a beautiful drive and this early there aren’t many tourists out on the roads, just people heading to work or to catch a wave before work. We make it no problem and are at the surf shop before 8am, then on the water with a quiet by far more attentive surf instructor. The boards, weigh half as much (not waterlogged) and are in great shape. Logan and Teryn are on the water by 8:30am. The waves up north are far less impressive, but you can see they give the beginner surfer much more time to get themselves together. Kevin sits this one out, still torn up from the first surf lesson and Jenney says with him for company. At this point, the clouds open wide and it starts to pour. Quick dash back to the car and Kevin and Jenney look like the tourist they are in full rain gear on the beach. The girls look great and fun is had by all.

Off the beach to practice relaxing again, this time armed with hammocks, beach chairs and an umbrella, which is supposed to be for the sun, but today is for the remaining rain. Compound set up under a tree protected from either rain or sun, the rain abates and eventually the sun comes out in it’s fullest glory. There is a breeze today, so the surf is rough. Eventually when all books are fully consumed, we walk down the beach to snorkel Tunnels again. With the larger surf, the sand is kicked up and the water is rough. We see great fish, but decide to stay closer to shore and get out after only a little bit.

Hungry we head south, find Indian food on the beach in Kappa and call it a day. Logan in was in bed and asleep by 8pm.