Kauai Day 10 – Sleeping Giant Hike

Jenney and Kevin were up early to wish Jen and Jacob well. Jacob climbed tree to get 2 fresh coconuts (way more agile than Kevin’s concussion style moment) and some mangos. We provided left over pie and Red Velvet Cake for the less healthy breakfast option, and wished them well as they continued their honey moon vacation.

On our way through Lihue we swapped rental cars in order to ensure we had a functional spare tire. It took a bit longer than we had hoped and it was tense for a moment but worked out well. We got the exact same model and year Jeep – just in white with a few thousand less miles. The best part, it gave us a clean car, no sand or sunscreen.

On to Sleeping Giant hike. Generally a lazy hike up to a scenic outlook, Jenney stopped here, and Kevin and the girls scrambled up to a 360 degree view point where even the girls wouldn’t go to the edge. After a bit of looking they also discovered the cave under the giants chin! Meeting back up, we descended with little fan fair. Not as long a hike, but worth a the short trip.

Having earned it, we headed to get Shave Ice – Triple Coconut and Lava Flow – at Wailua Shave Ice. Here the girls hatch a plan about opening up in shaved ice food stand in Burlington Vermont.

The book lists Lydgate beach to snorkel – although rated as one of the top three best snorkeling locations for beginners, today it was a bust. The pool area with large rocks protecting it from the waves had a ton of people making the water murky with no fish. We were in and out in 5 minutes. A bust. We dried off loaded up and headed in search of a waterfall. Hoopii Falls was the destinations, but in the end the mile+ trail to the falls was the adventure. It was in a very different type of hiking, much more reminiscent of a jungle with huge vines growing up tall trees with enormous leaves. We just loved the feel of this trail and when we reach the falls decided that the long treacherous climb down to the falls below weren’t worth the effort so late in the day. So instead we turned around to enjoy more of this magnificent forest. It was fairytale like. A great end to the activities of the day.

Dinner was a quick trip to Da Crack for burritos, which we ate while we watched the sunset at Poipu Beach (with 1000 of our good friends). Man the burritos were good.

Everyone except Kevin dosed on the way back to the house.