Kauai Day 14 – Up the River to Secret Falls

Today has a busy last day agenda with a goal of getting back to the VRBO in time to get packed.

First stop, drop the snorkel fins off Fathom Five. Check.

Second, power up with up Acai bowls for breakfast – yum.

Next, pick up kayaks by 9am in Kappa, including strapping them to the top of the jeep and heading across the river to put them in. Let me tell you, lifting these sit on top tandems it’s no small task, they are barges. On the river, 2.5 mile paddle up to fork in the river, beach the kayaks, and walk 1.2 miles to the falls. Generally uneventful except Kevin’s tantrum over having to sit in the front of the kayak. It was quite amusing.

The falls are great, but all “Secret” falls needs is a flashing neon sign to make it less secret. It’s crowded. Still pretty awesome. Quick snack and then a reverse course.

This time, when we car top the kayaks we are on our own. They go up easier than we expect, then Kevin goes to adjust them to perfection and let’s just say it’s a good thing they are rotomolded plastic. Unlike the last time a kayak got dropped off the roof, this time the mirror and any damage to people or cars is avoided. It will be chalked up as part of the story.

We go to seek out one last shave ice, stopping for Saimon first for lunch. Shave ice is allusive today. The organic popup shop is ‘permanently closed’ and Hee Fat has a water leak. We decide we are full anyway and head back.

Back to the check list – gas at Costco (otherwise gas is $4.20 per gallon). Having missed shaved ice, as we pull out of Costco we can’t stop the car from veering to the plantation for another round of rum cake. We will hold on to it for breakfast and the plane ride (ok they only had small ones so admittedly we got 3). Also no Mai Tai’s have been had, so we pick up a pre-mixed bottle.

Next up, coffee at Kauai coffee for our airport chauffeurs.

Then there is a shut out at Porky’s to finally taste the local pork. They closed at 4pm and it’s near 5pm. But, the Asian market is open to check on pickled garlic – again shut out, they are out. The consolation prize, even though we have a plan to eat left overs, is the makings for poke bowls (rice, seaweed salad, and poke ahi and shrimp). These will pair with the kimchi, pickled cumbers, and pickled scallions we need to eat.

Once home the washing, packing and gathering begins. The left over wine needs to be consumed, and helps with the packing. After a while, hunger sets in, poke comes out and Mai Tai’s get mixed. The girls taste the Mai Tai’s and find them unappealing with the rum aftertaste, but Kevin finds it tasty and is happy to partake (Hytten’s don’t fall off your seats here). Two glasses of wine down, Jenney sneaks half of her portion of the Mai Tai back into Kevin’s glass (note we are slitting a one serving mini here).

Packing goes smoothly from there. Some of the left over bread may have been snuck to a corner of the yard for Cecelia and Marco, the feathered family in the yard. With the left over food, delivered to the neighbor and that’s almost a wrap on Tradewinds Cottage.