Kauai Day 6 – Kayking Na Pali Coast

The day started bumping back down the dirt road at Polihale State Park to meet our kayaking guides and 8 other guests at 8am. Our adventure was a 10 mile paddle (5 out and 5 back) on the Na Pali Coast | Na Pali Iki from Polihale to Miloli’i beach and back. Logan and Jenney shared a boat and Kevin and Teryn were tandem partners. At Miloli’i beach we took a bit of time to snorkel and eat lunch. The girls each paddled back with a guide to allow another couple some time to paddle. This meant Kevin and Jenney paddled tandem on the way back. We were lucky to have a day with little wind, minus a few minutes as we landed for lunch. Overall we started paddling around 9am and returned back at Polihale at 2pm-ish. Generally it was pretty easy going and not a complicated paddle.

Given the time when we returned, the girls pulled out the buggy boards and played in the waves (and rain) for about an hour. They have been waiting all week to get them out and these were some of the best waves we have seen on a very quiet beach.

Time to try Joe-Joe’s Save Ice. We have heard a lot about it, but it is only open 11am to 6pm and a few miles from the house. Joe-Joe’s didn’t disappoint, and yet again it was a different experience. The fruit flavors were bold, but not quite as strong as the day before. The highlight was the homemade syrup toppings and the Macadamia Nut ice cream. This was not a lite experience, but man was it tasty. We agreed our top choice so far, but for the four of us 2 would do. We got three, Berry Berry (raspberry, blackberry, boysenberry, vanilla ice cream and vanilla cream topping), Locals North Shore (pineapple, melon, lychee, macadamia ice cream and Haupie cream topping), and a Tropical Breeze (guava, lilikoi (passion fruit), mango with macadamia ice cream and Haupie cream topping).

Only doors away from the Ishihara asian market we stopped for more Poke and pickled garlic. The pickled garlic is an amazing snack. Last time it didn’t make it home. It is pickled in a soy based brine. This time, with bellies full of shave ice the goods made it into the fridge for the next few days.

Still early and quite full it was time for a nap. Jenney is still trying to learn to relax, hard after 18 months of non-stop, but the nap with the porch door open and the Tradewinds breeze helped.

Goal on dinner was to clean out the fridge – caramelized onions, garlic, left over kale, blistered tomatoes, over polenta. Quick easy, lite and reasonably healthy.

Early to bed.