Kauai Day 5 – Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail

Today was an on our own adventure day, but we had to stay lower than 1000 ft until noon. With the later night on day 4 we decided to let the girls sleep in and get some housekeeping items out of the way (blog writing and grilling tofu for dinner). While Jenney was grilling, this cool lizard joined us on the fence. It had the most brilliant colors – green, blue, red.

By the time we headed out the door it was 10am and with traffic by the tie we got into town it was nearing lunch time. Mark’s Place was on our list for traditional plate lunch, so we figured we would pick up lunch to take along for the picnic – three dishes, all with fish, noodles or rice, an a yummy sauce. Also for the first time, we got desserts we all agreed were good – chocolate, coconut, macadamian nut puffs (all the women’s favorites) and fruit bars (like lemon bars with local fruit, very sweet and Kevin’s kind of food).

We travelled from Mark’s place in Līhu’e to Shipwreck beach where we had a picnic lunch, while watching the surfers and local culture.

Up next was a hike on the Maha’ulepu Heritage Trail from Shipwreck Beach to Punahoa Point. A bit resorty at time (a section of the trail goes through a golf course), but the views of the pacific were stunning. For the first time on our trip the Hawaii, temperatures in the 80’s felt hot, primarily when we got off the coast with the Tradewinds. At the end of the hike we explored Makauwahi Cave Reserve. Out ad back it was 5.2 miles over 3 hours.

With the heat, we all agreed we deserved a shave ice, this time in Līhu’e at Uncle’s Shave Ice. Uncle Sam’s was a different experience, syrupy sweet with wild flavors. A different shave ice experience, but like pizza we all agreed there is room in the world for variety.

Shave ice and gas also gave us the time to miss the 4:15pm traffic. With only one main road around the island, it gets a bit backed up. Down to 100 mile range, we took the time to fuel up the jeep. With gas around the island at well over $4 per gallon, we realized the value of Costco for many of the local residents. It was cheaper my almost a full $1 per gallon.

With the goal of the night being rested for the following day, we headed back to the house early.

The evening entertainment was watching the girls chide Kevin into getting the a coconut down from the tree in the yard. A front from the front tree had fallen, so they hatched a plan to use it to knock a nut off the lower tree in the back yard. Up on a chair Kevin poked a the ripening fruit. As you might imagine, he was successful at dislodging a nut and it fell right down on his head. The video is priceless and entirely predictable. This moment takes foraging in your backyard to a whole other level.

Showers, preparations for an early morning, dinner (kale, polenta and grilled tofu), were all completed in a slow order, but overall it was a good day.

For a down day it was memorable with the following favorite moments recounted at dinner – turtles in the surf, shave ice, coconut harvesting, porta-potty with a flush system and sink, and coastal views.